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A Look Ahead - 2007 Targets

With the Blue Demons gaining a commitment from 7'1" Temple transfer Keith Butler, and DePaul to be the likely destination for All-American Will Walker and either Illinois-native Devan Bawinkel or DeSean Butler of New Jersey, it is time to look at what lies ahead for 2007 recruiting.
Although it is still early in the recruitment of 2007 prospects, the writing is on the wall, and DePaul fans can get an idea of where the Blue Demons are looking for 2007. With Jerry Wainwright having a full year as head coach and a season at DePaul to back himself up, 2007 looks to be a very promising year, and possibly one of the best in school history.
What will DePaul's needs be for 2007? Well, we would have to look at the depth chart, as well as who we lost. Here would be the breakout for 2007:
Who DePaul Has: Cliff Clinkscales PG Sr; Will Walker PG/SG So; Jabari Currie PG/SG/SF Jr; Draelon Burns SG/SF Sr; Karron Clarke SG/SF Sr; Rashad Woods SG/SF Jr; Bawinkle/Butler SG/SF So; Wilson Chandler SG/PF Jr; Wesley Green C Sr
Who DePaul Lost: Sammy Mejia PG/SG/SF; Marcus Heard SF/PF; Lorenzo Thompson PF/C; Keith Butler C
As you see, DePaul's main concern for 2007 will be low post help, as three front court players graduate in 2006, Green graduates in 2007, and Wilson Chandler will have the skills to maybe go pro. DePaul will need skilled big men that can come in and contribute immediately.
Along with a diminished front court, DePaul loses it's top scoring threat in Sammy Mejia, with Clinkscales, Burns, and Clarke all leaving the following year. DePaul will look to getting a scoring perimeter player that can hop in and take over by sophomore year.
With that being said, DePaul will definitely go after 2 post players that are both offensively and defensively gifted, a point/shooting guard with scoring ability, and a wing that can play multiple positions, which Jerry Wainwright loves.
Here are some of the names that DePaul will be looking at for 2007:
Derrick Rose: Probably the most talented guard to come out of Illinois since Howard Nathan, Rose uses athleticism along with IQ to get the best of his opponents. Armed with one of the best first steps in high school basketball, he has had an eye at DePaul since last year. His suitors also include Illinois, Marquette, North Carolina, and Kansas.
Corey Fisher: One of the best all-around guards in the country, Fisher can shoot it with the best of them. This New York guard has the playground game with the hardwood IQ. An immediate impact player. Of suitors include UConn, Kentucky, St. John's, Virginia, among others.
Chris Wright: A guard who can penetrate the lane on one possession, and hit a long three on the next possession, Wright is among the best players in the Washington D.C. area. Wright is getting a lot of interest from Duke, Notre Dame, USC, Villanova and Maryland, as well as DePaul.
E'twuan Moore: Went from a no one to a possible Top 100 performer, this Indiana guard can distribute as well as score. Possessing a nice first step, this slasher knows how to get in the lane and draw contact. Other suitors include Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Iowa.
Justin Bocot: This Illinois native has been compared to Shaun Livingston since he could remember, and with good reasoning, as he patterned his game after his mentor. Smooth, and more athletic than Shaun, he has the ability to use his size and quickness to get in the lane and reek havoc. Other suitors are Illinois, Wisconsin, and Bradley.
Demetri McCamey: Still a player waiting to blossom, this player can explode! McCamey has the ability to play either guards spots or the small forward, and contribute at either. His shot is still coming around, but one of the best in the transition game, where he is a high riser. Suitors are also Big Ten and ACC schools.
Dante Jackson: Though he has played point guard the past two years for his high school, Jackson projects to be a wing on the next level. The results have been impressive, as averaged 28 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists per game. Versatility is the key to his game. He has very good vision of the court and a developing shot. Leading schools right now are Kentucky, Ohio State, Michigan, North Carolina, Illinois, Virginia and DePaul,
Evan Turner: McCamey's high school teammate, and even more raw. Has the length of a power forward, and the perimeter skills of a guard. Not a shooter, but can create for others of the dribble, and an excellent offensive rebounder. Has not nearly reached his potential. Suitors are currently many Midwestern mid-majors.
DeAngelo McIntosh: Expected to become a 2007 recruit, McIntosh is one of the more exciting players on the scene. Long arms, incredible athleticism, and defensive abilities make this Chicago native a can't miss for a recruit. Other suitors include UIC, Bradley, and SIU.
Nayal Koshwal: Long arms, great footwork, and extreme athleticism makes this big man a Top 50 player in the country. Still has room to improve, but has a great knowledge of the game at a young age. Is rumored to be leaning towards DePaul. Other suitors include Illinois, Marquette, among others.
Isiah Martin: This unknown from Chicago has made a little noise during the summer, as he's one of the premier post defenders in the country. A shot blocker and rebounder, he's been putting together an offensive game to compliment his other talents. Other suitors are many mid-majors.
Bill Cole: Many think that Cole will bold to Illinois, but look out for Jerry to go after this skilled big man. Cole is a face up post player with a wiry frame, but is effective in my facets of the game. Still learning his skills on defense, he's an accomplished offensive weapon. Other suitors include Illinois, Kansas, and Syracuse.
Who will Jerry get? Who knows, but one thing is for certain: all these guys are getting looks by Jerry and his staff.