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Around The Horns - Midnight Madness Style

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The months of September and beginning of October could be hard for the average college basketball fan, as the AAU season is done, and your team has yet to even practice. Blue Demons Nation would like to fix that by giving you this monthly edition of Around The Horns, which is going Midnight Madness style!
Around The Horns has been the premiere, most read, and most talked about feature on Blue Demons Nation for over a year, bringing you the latest in news and gossip from around the country. This months edition covers the following...
- Who is the most improved player thus far on the DePaul Blue Demons?
- Is there really possibly a better shooter on this year's roster than Demon-great Drake Diener? If so, who is it?
- Which recruits are set to attend DePaul's "Blue Madness"?
- DePaul is very high on backcourt teammates for the 2010 class. Who are they?
- The latest on the recruitment of 2008 star guard Iman Shumpert...where are sources saying he is going?
- An AAU team has lost several players in the last week or so, and is looking to lose more. Which team?
- Sources are telling Around The Horns when 2009 guard D.J. Richardson will possibly commit, and who the probable school will be. So then, who?
- Some interesting things are happening with the recruitment of James Kinney...what are they?
- The latest on the injury to Georgetown star guard Chris Wright and breaking news on the recruitment of 2008 forward Maurice Hubbard, plus much more!
Get the answers, when we take you Around The Horns...and only in The Abyss!